I am forever a Hyohunnie and i'm forever a #Juey shipper (Jazmine and Huey)♥.

About Me: Hello, beautiful people : ), my name is Sarah and i'm 18 years old. My favorite color changes like everyday (LOL). One day it's orange, and another day it's green, so I guess you can say that I like every color, except solid blue. Idk,something about solid blue aggravates me. I don't really have a favorite genre of music, I like pretty much all generes : ). I'm interested in visual arts, The Boondocks, Hyoyeon, SNSD, and Sailor Moon. I hope you all enjoy my blogs, and thank you for those who follow me, I really do appreciate it : ).

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Hyo♣Jessamine’s favorite BD comic of the day #39

HyoJessamine’s favorite BD comic of the day #39


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